Teaching Natural User Interaction Using OpenNI and the Microsoft Kinect Sensor

  • The launch of the Microsoft Kinect for Xbox (a real-time 3D imaging device) and supporting libraries has spurred a flurry of development of, among other things, natural user interfaces for computer applications. Using Kinect offers opportunities for novel approaches to classroom instruction on natural user interaction. With the launch of this sensor came the establishment of development platforms that are able to collect and process the data that this sensor provides, one of which is OpenNI. We evaluate the current state of this technology, and present examples of how Kinect-enabled user interfaces can provide tremendous opportunities for students in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) courses. Our paper presents sample learning activities to achieve various HCI learning outcomes listed in IT 2008. The advantages of using this as a tool in the classroom are discussed.

  • SIGITE 2011

    United States , New York·October 19 - 22, 2011

    The 12th Annual Conference on Information Technology Education will be held at the historic Thayer Hotel, on the grounds of the US Military Academy in West Point, New York.

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