Introducing Cloud Computing with a Senior Design Project in Undergraduate Education of Computer System and Network Administration

  • With the rapid growth of operating cloud computing platforms and their user community, it is desirable to incorporate the management and administration of cloud computing into the curriculum of IT education to meet the needs of relevant industry and users. It is challenging to teach cloud computing in a regular IT course with hands-on activities due to a various reasons including the lack of equipments and software to build a cloud. In the last two semesters, we incorporated cloud computing into our curriculum through a senior project. Two real-world clouds were built by integrating various free software units. Through this project, the students learned the basic concepts and knowledge of cloud computing. The students and faculty gained experiences with deploying, configuring and integrating real-world clouds. In this paper, we present these two clouds and discuss the experiences we gained and the lessons we learned through this project.

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    United States , New York·October 19 - 22, 2011

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