An Architecture for Delivery of Distance Education in Developing Countries

  • In the face of the slow growth of education in developing nations, Distance Education (DE) can be leveraged to boost literacy rates there. Classroom instructional resource and teaching staff shortages are prime contributing factors to this slow growth. Research shows DE instruction is as effective as traditional classroom instruction: students learn as much, if not more, via DE as they do in classrooms. Numerous distance learning tools are on the market for delivering instruction to students in remote locations. The question is whether these tools can be efficiently used by individuals accessing instruction materials from a location in a developing country where there is limited network capacity. This paper discusses our research effort for the design and development of a cost-effective, distributed, peer-to-peer, overlay multicast architecture to support DE using distance learning tools over wired and terrestrial wireless networks of limited capacity.

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    The 12th Annual Conference on Information Technology Education will be held at the historic Thayer Hotel, on the grounds of the US Military Academy in West Point, New York.

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